The company was established in 1991, focusing on deliveries of HW, SW, including design and installation of computer networks to third parties. This activity is currently performed namely through the Internet shop

In 1993, TANGER enters the market of information services and after a year’s development introduces the first Czech public database service EOTEL on-line (Economic information on-line by means of a TELephone). Through three data centers in Prague, Brno and Ostrava, the service enabled thousands of users online access, unusual at that time, to hundreds of commercial database sources, such as the Registry of Organizations, ASPI legal system, information of carriers, exchange rates, share prices, news and information from capital markets, etc. Information and news from capital and financial markets were provided in real time via satellite connection. The product as such was a result of the company’s own development and was known on the market under the general commercial name EOTEL on-line, specialized product parts under the names EOTEL ProSped (traffic information, forwarding), EOTEL SATinvest, which is now run under the name EOTEL NETinvest (information from capital and financial markets, including its conversion into products for technical analysis of securities - backoffice).
The service gradually underwent fundamental technical changes regarding namely the access to the service - from modem connection through distribution of data by analog and then digital transmission via a satellite to the Internet. The service as such lasted on the market for 7 years and it ceased to be significant only due to a massive expansion and increased speed of the Internet.

In 1996, TANGER develops its own technologies for SMS processing. At the end of the year, cooperation starts with the company Eurotel Praha (Telefónica O2) and an information product for ordering and delivering information through SMS is put in operation under the commercial name GSM InfoText. Thus TANGER becomes the first provider of information services based on SMS in the Czech Republic. Soon, operators in Slovakia followed - Globtel (Orange today) and EuroTel Slovakia (T-Mobile today), in the Czech Republic the company Oskar (Vodafone today).
1998 - TANGER comes up with its own technology for bulk processing and distribution of SMS and starts a product BMG (Business Messaging Gateway) for Eurotel Praha (Telefónica O2), which is subsequently installed by other mobile operators and which is still used by a lot of bank clients in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for banking operations and by other companies dealing with bulk distribution of SMS. Also services named SMSplus, which extended the possibilities of using mobile phones for easy sending of SMS to FAX, pager and e-mail.

TANGER also comes up with interconnection of media and puts in operation an interactive communication service in teletext of Nova TV station. The company also introduces to the market one of the first information WAP (Wireless Application Platform) portals of its kind in the world and at the same time signs a contract to secure operations of the WAP information portal, including the delivery and aggregation of contents for the company Eurotel Praha.
In the same year it starts to implement a three-year project based on the STEP standard.