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Currently, TANGER operates mainly in the field of mobile telephony and the Internet. It provides information services and software for network infrastructure and applications for mobile operators' Internet portals. It also operates and manages its own web servers, on which it implements display and targeted advertising. The total audited average monthly traffic to TANGER's websites is 570,000 unique visitors, 3 million visits and 35 million page views (04/2023). TANGER has long been a reliable partner for mobile operators and companies in the marketing, electronic media and Internet industries.


2023  - this year TANGER is working on support for Docker, upgrading the EOTEL system, extending the TMP system, and updating services and products using PHP

2022  - further expansion of the TWS system, TANGER is also implementing the automation of internal resources using the Home Assistant platform; launch of new versions of web services

2020  - TANGER is expanding the EOTEL system, developing and supplying software for ChargyBank Server mobile device charging stations; this year also sees the expansion of the internal conferencing system to include DOI (Digital Object Identifier) support

2019  - completion of the expansion of the EOTEL and UCONN systems; TANGER is implementing additional payment gateways, including payment recording, as part of the improvement of the internet services provided

2018  - develops and implements IoT interfaces for the UCONN TANGER system, and works on other changes and improvements to Internet services, including the implementation of a payment gateway

2017  - work on the development and upgrade of the TWS system and new versions of Internet services

2016  - EOTEL and UCONN systems are being extended this year to support virtualization; Internet services provided are supplemented with map documents

2015  - TANGER is building a server room with a high-speed fiber optic link and RES energy supply, including upgrading and reconfiguring computing systems in a new environment

2014  - completion of the development of the HRV application for heart rate monitoring with respect to heart rate variability; the EOTEL and UCONN systems are extended with the integration of online charging

2013  - EOTEL and UCONN systems are being upgraded with HA (High Availability) support including Smart Monitoring

2012  - TMP platform receives multi-database support for MySQL, PostGRE, MSSQL and Oracle; improvements are also made to the Internet services provided

2011  - upgrade of EOTEL and UCONN systems including extension of the EOTEL platform with a flexible and powerful SMSC centre

2010  - TANGER develops and launches its own conferencing system Konsys. In addition, it implements a newly developed version of TMP - after a complete redesign, the platform processes and handles tens of millions of messages per day. TANGER is also completing a project to develop software for managing and publishing product and service data in the framework of the Single European Electronic Commerce.

2008  - TANGER is involved in the international DiAloGS project, which aims to locate people in emergency situations on land and at sea. As part of the project, TANGER is developing communication and surveillance software using the Iridium satellite system.

2006  - the mobile market opens up to third parties, TANGER launches and provides services based on PRSMS (Premium Rate SMS) enabling SMS to be sent to a single number identical for all operators in the Czech Republic.

2003  - TANGER is expanding its mobile information services to include MMS and WAPpush. It also launches new customer applications USSD Connector, WAP converter/proxy. At the same time, it starts developing software for SMS Welcome services that provide information to people travelling to/from abroad; the software is named TMP (Traveller's Messaging Platform) and is later operated in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Bosnia, Kosovo, Croatia, South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

2001  - TANGER enters the field of the Internet by acquiring advertising and community Internet servers and is the first in the Czech Republic to connect websites with mobile phones and to come up with well-known functions such as "Topping", etc.

1998  - TANGER comes up with its own technology for bulk SMS processing and distribution and launches the BMG (Business Messaging Gateway) product at Eurotel Praha (Telefónica O2), which is then installed and used by other mobile operators and banks in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for banking operations, and other companies dealing with bulk SMS distribution. TANGER also came up with services called SMSplus, which extended the possibilities of using mobile phones to easily send SMS to FAX, pager, and email.

At the same time, it launches one of the world's first WAP (Wireless Application Platform) information portals, and signs a contract for the operation of the WAP information portal, including the supply and aggregation of content for Eurotel Praha (O2). In the same year, TANGER introduces media interconnection and launches interactive communication via TV Nova teletext.

1996  - TANGER develops its own technologies for SMS message processing. At the end of the year, it establishes cooperation with Eurotel Praha (now O2) and launches the GSM InfoText information system. TANGER thus becomes the first ever provider of SMS information services in the Czech Republic. The service was soon used by other operators in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

1995  - launch of the EOTEL Invest service - real-time information and news from capital and money markets. Customers are banks and companies active in the securities market. The service also includes data conversion for technical analysis software. The service has undergone major technical changes over time, from modem connections to analogue and then digital data distribution via satellite to the Internet. The service lasted on the market for 7 years.

1994  - launch of EOTEL ProSped - the service provided traffic information including a vehicle offloading system

1993  - entering the information services market, TANGER launches the first Czech public information service EOTEL on-line (Economic Information On-line via TELefon) after a year of development. The three data centres built by TANGER in Prague, Brno and Ostrava provided nearly a thousand clients with unusual online access to hundreds of commercial databases; such as the Register of Organisations, the ASPI legal system, carrier loadings, currency exchange rates, share prices, news and information from the capital markets, etc.

1991  - TANGER starts its activity by selling HW, SW, including building computer networks in various companies within Czechoslovakia.