In 2001, TANGER enters the field of acquisitions of internet servers and it is the first one to link their services after adaptation to mobile services based on SMS and WAP. The development it this field still continues. A description of the portfolio of servers operated and services provided is available in the Web Services section.

Two years later the provision of mobile information services is extended to MMS and WAPpush support; the company also delivers new custom-made applications USSD Connector, WAP convertor/proxy and namely SMS Welcome providing practical and marketing information for mobile networks customers travelling abroad.
This platform is being continuously developed and improved; these days it is offered under the name TMP2009 (Traveller’s Messaging Platform) and it is successfully run by mobile operators in different countries.

In 2006, the mobile market opens to third parties; TANGER starts and offers services based on PRSMS (Premium Rate SMS), which enable sending SMS to a uniform number same for all the operators in the Czech Republic.